The Himalayan Whitewater Festival is a 3-Day celebration of whitewater and the spirit of adventure in Nepal. From exciting kayak competitions on the Seti River to food, music and film in beautiful Pokhara, the HWF promises something memorable for everyone to experience and enjoy.


10.30 AM – 3.00 PM, Thursday Nov 23rd
Open to any paddler confident on Class IV whitewater. You MUST participate in this Qualifying Race in order to qualify for the Super Slalom Competition.
The Downriver Individual Qualifying Race is a timed 1-mile sprint through a Class IV section of the Upper Seti River. Put-in will begin 1 kilometer above the Seti river bridge.  The top 26 fastest racers will qualify to race in the Super Slalom race. Official race time will start when competitors are released by the Start Marshall and finish when racers cross the finish line.  The top three finishers of the Qualifying Race will receive prizes.

10.30 AM – 3.30 PM, Friday Nov 24th
Open to all interested paddlers confident on Class IV whitewater – there is no pre-qualifyer.
The HWF BoaterX race is a multi-heat, timed race through the [ x ] rapid on the Upper Seti River, located under the road bridge at the event site. Racers will be released in heats consisting of 4-6 paddlers. The two fastest competitors in each heat will advance to a Final heat. The top three finishers in the Final will receive prizes. The top 4 BoaterX competitors from the Final will receive a Wild Card invitation to compete in the Giant Slalom on Sunday. (Wild Card invitations are NOT transferable and if a Wild Card competitor chooses not to compete in the Giant Slalom, their spot will not be filled by another racer.)

10.30 AM – 4.00 PM Saturday, Nov 25th
Open only to the top 26 finishers from the Individual Qualifying Race and the top 4 finishers from the BoaterX Final.
The HWF Super Slalom race is the premiere event of the competition and is a timed race through seven gates on the [X] rapid of the Upper Seti River. Paddlers charge off the HWF Ramp above the rapid to initiate their official run, continuing through the end of the rapid to the last gate. The racer who turns in the fastest time will be crowned Himalayan Whitewater Champion.

•Each competitor shall run the course twice.
•Judges will score both runs, keeping the better-scored run as the official score and discarding the lower scored run.
•Hitting a gate will cause a 5 second penalty to be added to the end time.
•Missed gates will add a 50 second penalty PER GATE to the end time.
•There will be judges at the start, finish, and at each gate, plus official time keepers at the start and finish.


•SAFETY: The HWF is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all competitors and will require all competitors to comply with the HWF Code of Conduct and Rules & Regulations (Ben – make these words live links to the PDFs of both documents).

•Every athlete competing is required to have an appropriate PFD and helmet and to paddle the course they are racing – prior to racing
•There will be separate race categories for Men and Women for each competition event.

•BOAT LENGTH: 9 feet for all races.

•TIMING: All races will be timed using two synchronized timing devices.  Results will be verified by HWF officials and will be posted as soon as possible for competitors.

Competition Entrance Fee
Nepali National Competitor: X (RUPEES)
International / Non-Nepali Competitor: Y (US Dollars)
*Fee is PER COMPETITION CATEGORY ENTERED (for example, Slalom and BoaterX are two different competitions)
Online Pre-Registration
There is a 20% discount if you pre-register for the competition online by 5:00 pm November 23, 2017
On-Site Registration Day of Race
Racers may register on-site on race day from 8:30am – 10:30pm.
Registration will be at ________________________
Transportation to Competition From Pokhara

There will be free shuttle transportation for Competitors & Spectators from Pokhara to the event site on the Seti River.
Shuttle schedules to be announced prior to event.

Shuttles will return from event site to Pokhara throughout day according to set schedule.

Safety Meeting
Required of all Competitors. Day of Race. Time to be announced.